Taking a “Staycation” for Relaxation

Taking a “Staycation” for Relaxation

Ironman training can be a real buzz kill when it comes to weekend plans. Getting up early for long training sessions over the weekend limits motivation to make plans for late night adventures. The weekends are usually not just full of training but catching up on laundry, housework, errands and everything else you have to do as an adult. However planning a “staycation” was the perfect way to have some fun, get some sleep and relax instead of chores.

This past weekend we stayed at the HardRock in Orlando. Porter even traveled with us as Lowes Properties are pet friendly. We took the day off work Friday to get in a 4 hour bike ride before our departure. Of course we couldn’t completely skip training but shifting some sessions around we felt like we had some time off. Friday night we met some friends for a concert at the House of Blues. Social Distortion was playing and is one of John’s favorite bands. We had a great time and we made it past 12 a.m. which was a first a while.

Saturday was a day off from training. We slept in and ate breakfast like many people do on Saturday mornings. The rest of day we spent at the pool with our friends. It was overcast most the day which was perfect for us as we get enough sun with all the training. We rented a cabana so we had a perfect place to lounge, eat, drink, play games and listen to music. We followed a great pool day up with an amazing dinner. Another night we made it pas 12!

Sleeping in again on Sunday felt great. We stuffed ourselves at a breakfast buffet before we checked out of the hotel. One of best things about a staycation is when it is time to leave, you know home is close. A quick drive home and boom back to reality. Off for my long run before on to my nap.

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