Sports Performance Training

At Transitions Physical Therapy, our ultimate goal is to help clients reach their peak performance level. Our certified running technique specialists and post injury running coaches have experience in training athletes.

Our custom Sports Performance Training services provide optimal and efficient training. This training program is unique and is created to address your specific performance parameters. Because the training program is customized we can address factors that might contribute to injuries or slow down your performance.

Our staff at Transitions Physical Therapy are specialized in the prevention and rehabilitation of injured athletes regardless of their age and abilities. We work together closely with your coaches and physicians to enhance your overall performance and at the same time, minimize pain, injury, and discomfort. This combination of experts helps develop the most effective training plan and results in performance improvement for our clients.

Additionally, our certified physical therapists provide baseline testing, evaluation, and treatment. Our experts don’t just provide training during sessions, they take the time to educate every client.

Highlights of Our Sports Performance Training Program include:

  • Sports injury screening, treatment, rehab, and management
  • Availability of physician referrals
  • Pre-participation physical testing and evaluation
  • Post injury consultation and recovery
  • Running analysis
  • Running consultation and GAIT Analysis