Sitting is the new Smoking

Sitting is the “new smoking” according to Dr. Levine, director of the Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative. According to the World Health Organization, the fourth largest killer of preventable disease…sitting! Sitting or Sedentary lifestyle does not exclude the runners and gym rats. Applaudable yes, but what are you doing the other 23 or so hours of the day? If the answer includes, sitting …while eating, driving to work, while at work, driving home…all the sitting may negate the benefits of your hard work and sweat.

Sitting or sedentary lifestyle, is detrimental to our health. Increasing your risk of serious illness such as heart disease, type II diabetes, depression, obesity and musculoskeletal issues to name a few. Our bodies are designed to move. If you are sitting, your not moving. When sitting, muscles tighten up and weaken, circulation slows, disc pressure increases. Stand up!

Ok so we can’t stand while we drive, at least not yet anyway but we can reduce optional sitting during the day.  Stand up at work, if not all day, then get up and move 5 minutes of every hour. Movement improves neurocognitive function so your productivity might increase as a result.

Standing desks are a growing trend in the workplace. Can’t afford Varidesk, check out Pinterest for DIY ideas


Mobility Tip

Check out these apps to help get you moving during your work day: Stand Up!, StandApp, Move. For your PC: Time Out, Awareness


Mobility Minute Clinic 1

Watch this video to for Standing Split Squat/Lunges and Quad Stretches you can try at your desk throughout the day.

Standing Split Squat/Lunge: Hold your abdominals tight, engage or tighten your rear glut, move into a lunge position, focus on neutral alignment , don’t let your knee of your front leg pass over your toes.

Quad Stretch: Use your desk or chair back for balance, bend one knee , reach back to grab your leg above your ankle ligaments, pull your heel towards your buttock. Keep your abdominal muscles engaged and your alignment in neutral. Focus on breathing and relaxing into the stretch. Hold 30 seconds working up to one minute. 1-3 reps.


Mobility Minute Clinic 2

Watch this video to for Arm Circles and Forearm Stretches you can try at your desk throughout the day.

Arm Circles: Standing tall with your core engaged, reach over head with a locked elbow, thumb pointing behind you. Start your circle backwards, palm moving away from you. Repeat 10 each arm. Change directions.

Forearm Stretch: Using your desktop or chair seat. Start palms down,fingers pointing toward you, with slight bend to your elbow. Slowly start to extend your elbows. Hold 30 seconds, repeat 1-3 reps.Repeat with palms up.