Ironman Journey: Three Week Countdown to Race Day!

Ironman Journey: Three Week Countdown to Race Day!

We are already well into my favorite month of October, although the weather still feels like July. The picture above was taken on October 15th. John and I adopted Porter two years ago the 15th. We love him so much and before the sun came up he joined me for three miles of my run Sunday.

I am now three weeks out from my Ironman. Since my last post I have logged some serious miles preparing for a very long day. Busy at the office and with other life obligations I have had lots of early mornings and late nights fitting in my workouts. Somehow I have managed to pull off 18 miles of running on a workday, four hours of indoor biking on a Saturday before 9:30 a.m and swimming over 3,000 yards before 6 a.m. Just because you are training for an Ironman, life does not stop.

I am awe of those committed athletes that brave more than one Ironman a year and those parents that juggle work and children in the equation too. Aside from time, the expense…wow! On a long bike ride (5-6 hours) I go through at least six bottles of nutrition, three gels, one bar, and salt. My long runs require lots of fluids, a few gels, salt and maybe part of bar. Things you may not think about when you start adding up the money spent to race Ironman. Let’s not forget tubes, tires, CO2 cartridges, other miscellaneous parts, the cost of labor. More expenses to consider: coaching, programs, indoor training sessions, gym/pool memberships, outfits, wetsuit, travel fees, race registration fees, the list goes on.

Did I talk you out of Ironman yet? So if you put this much time, effort and money into the sport you better enjoy yourself. I can honestly say that I have had a great year to date racing and training. I have made the best of my investment. I have enjoyed myself and have tried to keep the complaining to a minimum. This is a choice. I am so blessed to have the passion, ability and support system to make this happen. I am eager for my journey up to Panama City Beach and no matter what happens on race day I can say I have worked hard, gave it my best and loved almost every minute of it. Kona or not, I will be happy to cross the finish line.

I hope you have enjoyed reading along as I share my journey to Ironman. Only a few more weeks and a few more posts. Thanks again.