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Transitions Physical Therapy Inc. is a privately owned physical therapy practice offering the best in customer service. Utilizing a one on one care approach with all our clients, we use our physical therapy skills, sports medicine knowledge and experience to assist patients with prevention and treatment of injuries. When injury or pain is involved, we can assist you with a care plan to rid you of your suffering and get you back to feeling your best. Once feeling good,we offer a variety of wellness programs to help keep you on track.

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Injury Management

Working independently or along with your physician, our certified manual physical therapist will develop a treatment program to manage your injury rehabilitation.

Sports Performance

For runners of all skill levels, our certified running technique specialist can help you meet your running and fitness goals.

Crossfit Screenings

For the functional movement athlete, we offer movement screenings and mobility assessments to assist with performance and prevent injury.

Stretching and Mobility Package

We are here to help you move better and feel better. You can relax and we can do all the work with our customized stretching sessions.

Free Discovery Visits

Come in for a complimentary discovery session to determine if we are the right fit for you to reach your health and wellness goals.

Normatec Recovery Sessions

Recover with us using our Normatec Pneumatic Compressions Boots to accelerate your recovery between heavy training sessions.

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Check out our latest blog “Mission Anything Is Possible” and join the owner of Transitions Physical Therapy on her journey as she is “Chasing KQ.” Her Ironman is quickly approaching. Follow along as she makes her way to the starting line.

Our Physical Therapy blog is here to help keep you informed on a variety of sports medicine and physical therapy topics. Our blogs are posted weekly. Check back for great content on exercise, injury management and more.

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Client Testimonial

We have done our best to make our clients and patients happy with the care and service we offer. We pride ourselves with offering exceptional customer service.

Dana Dambrauskas, owner of Transitions Physical Therapy really knows her stuff! I made the commitment to a mobility recovery plan as she focuses much on the importance spending time in identifying the areas of immobility and working with you one-on-one in sessions that are great for reinforcing that, and getting into the specific issues and developing a plan that works as only yesterday I learned so much as to stretching and self-mobilization routines that I can do on my own that will help in the recovery of my pain. Thank you Dana!

Angela W.

I have been on treatment with Dana at Transitions Physical Therapy for 28 days now and I am seeing great results. We are in the close chain exercises phase. Amazed by Dana's dedication, detail and excellent care to you and your treatment. Give her a call, you won't be disappointed. I have been injured many times and have been treated at many other PT places. I am a patient at Transitions Physical Therapy and I can assure you, their personalized care is simply the BEST!!

Sharon D.

My neck is feeling so much better today! Thank you for getting me out of pain!

Tara C.

I totally agree with Sharon! Dana is so knowledgeable really explains the reasoning behind the exercises! If you need PT you need to try her!

Almo O.

After suffering from some knee pain after running my first marathon, I went to a doctor that highly recommended that I see Dana. I went to her right away, and was so thankful that I did. Not only is she so friendly, but her knowledge of proper running form has helped me get back out on the road injury free. She has taught me some great stretching and strength training techniques along with helping me master the pose method of running. I have been a heel striker for the many years that I have been running and never realized how bad this form of running can be especially for long distances. I am working hard to train my body the proper skill of running and I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you for all of your knowledge Dana!! Your an inspiration!!

Monica Lewis Reid

A friend of mine suggested I see Dr. Dana after my THIRD metatarsal stress fracture in less than 9 months. Best suggestion ever! I started working with her before I could run to help build up the strength in my legs/hips/core so that when I returned to running I was ready. She followed that with teaching me how to run properly and efficiently. Since I've come back I am running faster than ever before with less effort. It's really been an awesome transition and I am so grateful to have worked with her. Next stop...Boston!

Monica Showers

I fractured my femur and ended up with a partial hip replacement. As an avid cyclist, I knew that I needed to work with a Physical Therapist who is an elite athlete and understands my goals of recovery. Dana has not let me down and I feel stronger and more confident with each visit. I guarantee that Dana will have me performing better on the bike than before my accident in no time. Thanks, Dana!

Robert MacKenzie

Dana is amazing. She listens, evaluates and isn't afraid to take suggestions from others, doctors included. She is friendly and patient and very professional. What I appreciated the most was how freely she passed along her knowledge. It helps to know "why" something happened, "why" she's treating it the way she is, and "what" I need to do to prevent it from happening again. I learned so much and despite how much I enjoyed our sessions, I hope I never have to go back (wink)!

Frankie James Painter

Over the past few months I have been working with Dana on pose running techniques. I have been a runner for over 8 years but never really understood anything about technique and form. I would just go out and run not knowing if I had good form or anything about my cadence. After working with Dana on running drills and a strength program I have seen a great improvement in my running form. For anyone who is either new to running or like me never had a good understanding on what a good running form meant, I would highly recommend going to see Dana.

Victoria Cusack

Dana is amazing! She helped me recover from an Achilles injury that I had been struggling with for almost a year. I had tried just about everything then I found Dana. My husband put it best...I was like Humpty Dumpty and she just put me back together. I am now back on track and working out. I highly recommend Dana. Her knowledge and treatment for injuries is unsurpassable.

Kathy Walterhouse