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Sports Performance

Gait Analysis: Performed on a treadmill, gait analysis is a biomechanical assessment of running posture and position.  Gait analysis is useful in the evaluation and treatment of lower extremity dysfunctions and to assist with shoe selection based on foot type and stride type.

Mobility Assessments: Integrated movement assessment of all the elements that potentially restrict movement and effect performance. To include tight muscles, soft tissue restrictions, joint dysfunctions, range of motion restrictions, neural dynamics and capsular restrictions.

Mobility assessments are useful as a proactive approach to prevent injury by establishing symmetry from one side of our body to the other. Assessment findings are also useful for program development aimed at improving performance.

CrossFit Movement Screenings: In office and on-site functional mobility assessments specific to foundational movements performed during CrossFit workouts.  Movement screenings are proactive for injury prevention. Findings are useful to establish activity modification while addressing the restrictions in mobility.