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Running Injury Recovery Program

This program is a dynamic multi-phased program to treat simple and/or complex injuries associated with running. The program combines physical therapy intervention and post-injury run coaching to return the injured runner back to injury free running.

Participants will function as therapy patients and students as they are moved through the four phases of injury recovery. To include: Joint Protection/Education Phase, Mobility Phase, Strength and Balance Phase and Return to Functional Running Phase.

Phase length is determined by participant’s ability to meet specific clearance requirements that are dependent on recovery phase. Clearance requirements include symptom control, symmetry with mobility and strength. Final phase requirements for return to running include dynamic treadmill sessions utilizing drills and integrating postures learned during the program.

The Running Injury Recovery program is for fitness runners and racers. The program is designed to be unique to the objective findings revealed during physical examination along with past medical history and subjective reports.

Program participation is for those committed to restoring pre-injury running status by complying with program therapy sessions and home exercise guidelines. This program will return you to injury free running an teach you skills that will use for years to come!