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Ironman training is definitely underway. Miles are picking up and time devoted to training is increasing. This weekend was a perfect example of how the juggle of time spent with family, friends, work and training is as challenging as planning out my training schedule. Being “present” or in attendance is […]


Mission: Anything Is Possible! They say throwing salt over your shoulder (left) is for good luck. When it comes to racing in the heat salt brings you just as much luck! Just not over the shoulder, but sucking it off your thumb. (Sounds awful) As part of our race schedule […]

The “Pee Test” and the “Swim Test”

The 4th discipline of Triathlon is Nutrition/Hydration. Pretty sure I screw this one up often so one of my first assignments was to do a “Pee Test”… I love getting “A’s” on all my tests but I’m not sure about this one! Get up weight yourself and measure your fluids. […]

Chasing KQ

So I really have no business trying to get into Kona, Ironman World Championships, as I have only done one full Ironman… but I am sure as heck going to try!!! I’m 18 weeks out from the starting line of Ironman Florida in Panama City Beach, I actually just signed […]