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5 Considerations before return to running (or any sport) post injury

I don’t have pain anymore! I am ready to run right? Although a good indicator you shouldn’t run, the absence of pain is often misleading when we talk about recovery. The absence of pain does not tell us the state of the injury. The presence of pain often signifies inflammation, […]


Step into Spring on the Right Foot

Spring is almost here!  It’s that time of year again when we feel compelled to set some goals, like lose weight, get in shape, start a new exercise program. Well if starting to run or signing up for a race made your list this year then lace up your sneakers and make your first stop the gym. Ok, maybe not the gym but point being, prior to hitting the trail running you may have some work to do first. Strength and Mobility!

SNAP! What Was That?

SNAP! Not want you want to hear or feel while running! Right? Snap/Pop followed by pain down the back of the leg. Well, you may have just strained your hamstring. Depending on the location and severity you may have discoloration or bruising in the area of injury along with tenderness to touch. Standing, walking may be painful and forget it, running is going to hurt.

Sitting is the new Smoking

Sitting is the “new smoking” according to Dr. Levine, director of the Mayo Clinic-Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative. According to the World Health Organization, the fourth largest killer of preventable disease…sitting! Sitting or Sedentary lifestyle does not exclude the runners and gym rats. Applaudable yes, but what are you […]

Shoulder Pain and Swimming (and other overhead sports)

Just like your coach said..you need to rotate from the trunk! If you are like me, you learned to swim “Freestyle” as an adult. Which means you were happy to just make it one length across the pool with what felt like a good technique. After countless laps in the […]

Shin Splints?

Shin Splints? A catch all phrase for pain in the low leg. Characterized by tenderness to touch along the shin/tibia and pain during and after activities, such as running.

Pain in the butt?

Pain in the butt? You may have “Piriformis Syndrome.” A disorder characterized by pain in the buttock which results when the piriformis muscle, which is located deep in the buttock region, contracts or spasms causing the sciatic nerve to get pinched.

Physical Therapy Lake Mary

Mobility Tips at Crossfit Lake Mary with Transitions Physical Therapy

Try some of these exercises at home to increase mobilization! Thank you Crossfit Lake Mary for letting us use your box and coach for demonstration! 

Hohman Health and Wellness and Transitions Physical Therapy Partner Up

Location, Location, Location

It’s official, Transitions Physical Therapy is moving in with Hohman Health and Wellness in Downtown Lake Mary.

Dana Dambrauskas Physical Therapist Lake Mary

Mobility Classes

For every sport or workout routine it is important to exercise properly …